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ISCO 08 Code 524       Other sales workers

Lead Statement
Other sales workers display, demonstrate, display and sell goods, food and services, usually to the general public, in contexts other than sales in markets, streets and shops. It includes sales workers not classified in minor groups 521 Street and market salespersons, 522 Shop salespersons and 523 Cashiers and ticket clerks 

Task statement
Tasks performed may include:

  • displaying and demonstrating items for sale; posing for photographs, film and video, advertising, still photography or for artistic creation; answering questions and offering advice on the use of goods and services;
  • taking orders and making arrangements for payment, delivery and collection of goods or for  provision of services;
  • selling goods and services and soliciting business by approaching potential customers by going from door to door or using the telephone or other electronic communications media;
  • selling fuel, lubricants and other automotive products at service stations;
  • providing services such as fuelling, cleaning, lubricating and performing minor repairs to motor vehicles.

Excluded occupations

  • Sales managers are classified in major group 122 Sales, marketing and development managers.
  • Technical, medical and ICT sales professionals are classified in minor group 243, Sales, marketing and public relations professionals.
  • Commercial sales and insurance representatives are classified in minor group 332, Sales and purchasing agents and brokers.

(Updated; 17.03.09) (NCvB; Mei 2010)