Bestuurders van (bak)fietsen en handkarren


ISCO 08 Code 9331      Hand and pedal vehicle drivers

Lead Statement
Hand or pedal vehicle drivers propel cycles and similar vehicles to transport passengers or goods.

Task statement
Tasks include:

  • loading or unloading goods, or assisting passengers in getting on or off a vehicle;
  • moving vehicle in the desired direction with due regard to other traffic and traffic regulations;
  • inspecting vehicle components to identify wear and damage;
  • maintaining vehicle, making minor repairs and installing replacement parts;
  • collecting fares or charges.

Included occupations
Examples of the occupations classified here:

  • Driver, pedal vehicle
  • Driver, cycle rickshaw
  • Puller, rickshaw

Excluded occupations
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:

  • Racer, bicycle - 3421
  • Rider, motor cycle - 8321

(NCvB; Mei 2010)