Bouwarbeiders ruwbouw, niet elders geclassificeerd


ISCO 08 Code 7119      Building frame and related trades workers not elsewhere classified

Lead Statement
This unit group covers building frame and related trades workers not classified elsewhere in Minor group 711, Building frame and related trades workers.

Task statement
In such cases tasks would include:

  • performing miscellaneous construction and building maintenance work on structures such as office buildings, apartment houses, factories and similar establishments in good repair;
  • erecting temporary metal or wooden scaffolding on building sites;
  • demolishing buildings and other structures;
  • performing related tasks;
  • supervising other workers.

Included occupations
Examples of the occupations classified here:

  • Demolition worker
  • Scaffolder
  • Steeplejack

Excluded occupations
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:

  • Labourer, construction/buildings – 9313
  • Labourer, demolition – 9313

(NCvB; Maart 2010)