Buschauffeurs en trambestuurders


ISCO 08 Code 8331      Bus and tram drivers

Lead Statement
Bus and tram drivers drive and tend buses or street tramcars to transport passengers, mail or goods.

Task statement

  • driving and tending motor bus, trolley bus or motor coach to transport local or long-distance passengers, mail or goods;
  • driving and tending street tramcar transporting passengers;
  • opening and closing doors before or after passengers board or alight;
  • assisting passengers with luggage;
  • controlling lighting, heating and ventilation on buses and trams;
  • observing traffic to ensure safe progress;
  • collecting fares or verifying passenger has necessary ticket.

Included occupations
Examples of the occupations classified here:

  • Bus driver
  • Tram driver
  • Motor coach driver

(NCvB;  Mei 2010)