Directeuren van grote ondernemingen


ISCO 08 Code 1120       Managing directors and chief executives

Lead statement
Managing directors and chief executives formulate and review the policies and plan, direct coordinate and evaluate the overall activities of enterprises or organizations (except special interest organizations and government departments) with the support of other managers, usually within guidelines established by a board of directors or a governing body to whom they are answerable for the operations undertaken and results.

Task statement
Tasks include:

  • planning, directing and coordinating the general functioning of an enterprise or organization;
  • reviewing the operations and results of the enterprise, or organization and reporting to boards of directors and governing bodies;
  • determining objectives, strategies, policies and programs for the enterprise or organization;
  • providing overall leadership and management to the enterprise or organization;
  • establishing and managing budgets, controlling expenditure and ensuring the efficient use of resources;
  • authorising material, human and financial resources to implement organizational policies and programs;
  • monitoring and evaluating performance of the organization or enterprise against established objectives and policies;
  • consulting with senior subordinate staff and reviewing recommendations and reports;
  • representing the organization at official occasions and board meetings, in negotiations, at conventions, seminars, public hearings and forums;
  • selecting, or approving the selection of senior staff;
  • ensuring the organization complies with relevant legislation and regulations

Included occupations

  • Chief executive
  • Managing director
  • Regional manager


  • Regional managers and other senior managers who coordinate and supervise the activities of subordinate managers who have a diverse range of functional responsibilities are included in unit group 1120, Managing directors and chief executives.
  • Managers responsible for particular specialized functions within a specific geographic area are excluded from this unit group. For example, regional sales managers are classified in unit group 1221, Sales and marketing managers.
  • Jobs whose principle responsibility is to participate as a member of the board of directors of one or more enterprises or organizations are included in unit group 1120, Managing directors and chief executives.
  • Chief executives of government owned enterprises are included in unit group 1120, Managing directors and chief executives.

(NCvB; Maart 2010)