Jagers en vallenzetters


ISCO 08 Code 6224      Hunters and trappers

Lead Statement
Hunters and trappers catch and kill mammals, birds or reptiles mainly for meat, skin, feathers and other products, for sale or delivery on a regular basis to wholesale buyers, marketing organizations or at markets.

Task statement
Tasks include:

  • setting traps to catch mammals, birds or reptiles;
  • killing trapped or free mammals, birds or reptiles with firearms or other weapons;
  • skinning and otherwise treating killed mammals, birds or reptiles to obtain desired products for sale or delivery;
  • delivering or selling trapped live mammals, birds or reptiles;
  • repairing and maintaining equipment.

Included occupations

  • Fur trapper
  • Seal hunter
  • Whale hunter

Excluded occupations

(NCvB; April 2010)