Kleermakers, stoffeerders, schoenmakers e.d.


ISCO 08 Code 753       Textile, garment and related trades workers

Textile, garment and related trades workers fit, alter and repair tailored clothing; design, and make textile and fur garments, leather or fur products; repair, renovate and decorate garments, gloves and other products of textile; create patterns for garments; install, repair and replace upholstery of furniture, fixtures, orthopaedic appliances and furnishings of automobiles; trim, scrape, tan, buff and dye animal hides, pelts or skins; modify and repair footwear and leather articles.

Tasks performed usually include:

  • fitting, altering, repairing tailored clothing;
  • design and make made to measure clothing, from textile fabrics, light leather and other material, or make hats or wigs;
  • make garment style changes;
  • creating precision master patterns for production of garments, other textile, and leather or fur products;
  • sewing together, joining, darning, repairing, renovating and  decorating garments, gloves and other products of textile, fur, light leather and other materials and fabricating and assembling sails, awnings and tarpaulins;
  • installing, repairing and replacing upholstery of furniture, fixtures, orthopaedic appliances;
  • seats, panels, and other furnishings of automobiles, railway coaches, aircraft ,ships and similar items;
  • trimming, scraping, cleaning, tanning, buffing and dying animal hides, pelts or skins to produce leather stock and finished furs for making garments and other products;
  • making, modifying and repairing standard, custom or orthopaedic footwear and natural or synthetic leather articles.

Occupations in this Minor Group are classified into the following Unit Groups

  • 7531           Tailors, dressmakers, furriers and hatters
  • 7532           Textile, leather and related pattern-makers and cutters
  • 7533           Sewers, embroiderers and related workers
  • 7534           Upholsterers and related workers
  • 7535           Pelt dressers, tanners and fellmongers
  • 7536           Shoemakers and related workers

(NCvB; Mei 2010)