Secretariaatsmedewerkers, algemeen


ISCO 08 Code 4120     Secretaries (general)

Lead Statement

Secretaries (general) use typewriters, personal computers or other word-processing equipment to transcribe correspondence and other documents, check and format documents prepared by other staff, deal with incoming and outgoing mail, screen requests for meetings or appointments,  and perform a variety of administrative support tasks.

Task statement

Tasks include:

  • checking, formatting and transcribing correspondence, minutes and reports from dictation, electronic documents or written drafts to conform to office standards, using typewriter, personal computer or other word processing equipment;
  • using various computer software packages including spreadsheets to provide administrative support;
  • dealing with incoming or outgoing mail;
  • scanning, recording and distributing mail, correspondence and documents;
  • screening requests for meetings or appointments and helping to organize meetings;
  • screening and recording leave and other staff-members' entitlements;
  • organizing and supervising filing systems;
  • dealing with routine correspondence on their own initiative.

Included occupations

Examples of the occupations here:

  • Secretary
  • Typing secretary
  • Word-processing secretary

Excluded occupations

Some related occupations classified elsewhere:

  • Administrative secretary - 3343
  • Executive secretary - 3343
  • Legal secretary - 3342
  • Medical secretary - 3344


(NCvB; Mei 2010)