Specialisten op het gebied van de traditionele en de alternatieve geneeskunde


ISCO 08 Code 223        Traditional and complementary medicine professionals

Lead Statement

Traditional and complementary medicine professionals prevent, diagnose and treat human physical and mental illnesses, disorders and injuries using methods based on extensive study of specific cultural traditions and approaches towards medicine.  Treatment and remedies provided may substitute or complement those based on the principles of modern medicine.

Task statement

Tasks performed usually include:

  • assessing patients to diagnose the nature of the disorder, illness, problem or need by questioning, examining and observing;
  • developing and implementing treatment plans using applications such as acupuncture, ayurvedic, homeopathic and herbal medicine;
  • evaluating and documenting patients' progress through treatment plans;
  • providing dietary and lifestyle advice and guidelines;
  • prescribing natural medicines, such as herbal, mineral and animal extracts, to stimulate the body's capacity for self-healing;
  • referring patients to, and exchanging medical information with, other health professionals and associate professionals;
  • conducting research into human disorders and illnesses and preventive or curative methods and preparing papers and reports.


ISCO 88 Code(s) 3421, 3229 part

(NCvB; Maart 2010)