Straat- en markthandelaars


ISCO 08 Code 521       Street and market salespersons  

Lead Statement

Street and market salesperson sell goods from stalls on markets or in streets and prepare and sell hot or cold foods and beverages ready for immediate consumption in streets and public places.

Task statement

  • Tasks performed usually include: obtaining permission to set up a stand at a particular place in streets, markets or other open spaces or to sell food and drinks on the street; buying or contracting a regular supply of products to be sold;
  • erecting and dismantling stalls and stands; transporting, storing, loading and unloading products for sale;
  • stacking, displaying and selling goods, food and drinks  and accepting payment;
  • wrapping and packing goods sold; 
  • preparing food and drinks for sale;
  • pushing, pedalling or carrying hand-cart, truck, tray or basket to bring food and drinks to the desired place in the street, or to public places such as stations or cinemas; 
  • keeping accounts and maintaining a record of stock levels.

Excluded occupations

Vendors in streets and public places of non-food items (or of pre-packaged non-perishable food items such as confectionary) from pushcarts, trucks, trays or baskets are classified in minor group 952, Street vendors (excluding food).


(NCvB; Mei 2010)