Verpleegkundigen en assistent-verloskundigen


ISCO 08 Code 322       Nursing and midwifery associate professionals

Lead Statement

Nursing and midwifery associate professionals provide nursing and personal care for the sick, injured and others in need of such care, deliver or assist in the delivery of babies, and provide antenatal and post-natal care and instruction.  They usually work in support of nursing and midwifery professionals and medical doctors.

Task statement

Tasks performed usually include:

  • providing nursing care, treatment and advice to the ill, injured, disabled, and others in need of care;
  • assisting professional nurses and medical doctors in administering medicine and drugs;
  • applying surgical dressings and giving other forms of treatment under instructions under the guidance of  professional nurses or physicians;
  • assisting in giving first-aid treatment in emergencies;
  • advising expectant mothers on appropriate diet, exercises and behaviour to ease pregnancy and child birth, and noting their general health and progress;
  • delivering babies, or assisting midwifery professionals or doctors in deliveries;
  • attending mothers in the post-natal period to supervise their recovery, to check on babies’ progress, and to instruct parents in baby care;
  • advising on and administering birth control methods.


ISCO 88 Code(s)

(NCvB; Maart 2010)