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ISCO 08 Code 222        Nursing and midwifery professionals

Lead Statement

Nursing and midwifery professionals treat and provide nursing care for the physically or mentally ill,  and mothers and their babies. They assume responsibility for the planning and management of the care of patients, including the supervision of other health care workers, working autonomously in teams with medical doctors and others in the practical application of preventive and curative measures.

Task statement

Tasks performed usually include:

  • assessing, planning, providing and evaluating nursing and midwifery care for patients according to accepted practice and standards;
  • coordinating the care of patients in consultation with other health professionals and members of health teams;
  • developing and implementing care plans for the biological, social, and psychological treatment of patients;
  • providing personal care, treatments and therapies including medications, and monitoring responses to treatment or care plan;
  • monitoring and alleviating pain and discomfort experienced by patients by administering drugs (including narcotics) or using other therapies;
  • promoting health and assisting in the prevention of ill health by participating in health education and other health promotion activities;
  • answering questions and providing information to patients and families about treatment and care;
  • supervising and coordinating the work of other nursing and midwifery professionals, associate professional nurses and other health care workers;
  • conducting research and preparing scientific papers and reports;
  • conducting nurse and midwifery education activities in clinical settings.


ISCO 88 Code(s)

(NCvB; Maart 2010)