ISCO 08 Code 224        Paramedical practitioners

Lead Statement

Paramedical practitioners provide advisory, diagnostic, curative and preventive medical services for humans more limited in scope and complexity than those carried out by medical doctors. They work autonomously or with limited supervision of medical doctors, either in the field or in institutions and  apply advanced clinical procedures for treating and preventing diseases, injuries and other physical or mental impairments common to specific communities.

Task statement

Tasks performed usually include: 

  • conducting medical examinations and questioning patients to determine the nature of disorders or illnesses and recording patients' medical information;
  • prescribing and administering treatments, medications and other remedial measures of a more restricted scope or complexity than medical doctors;
  • administering or ordering diagnostic tests, such as x-ray, electrocardiogram, and laboratory tests;
  • performing therapeutic procedures, such as injections, immunizations, suturing and wound care, and infection management;
  • performing less complex, routine or specific surgical and other clinical procedures, or assisting medical doctors with more complex procedures;
  • monitoring patients'  progress and response to treatment;
  • inoculating persons against communicable diseases;
  • advising on diet, exercise and other habits which aid prevention or treatment of disease and disorders;
  • referring complex or unusual cases medical doctors, hospitals or other health workers if necessary and possible;
  • reporting births, deaths and notifiable diseases to government authorities.


ISCO 88 Code(s)

(NCvB; Maart 2010)