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ISCO 08 Code 613        Mixed crop and animal producers

Lead Statement
Mixed crop and animal producers plan, organize and perform farming operations to grow and harvest field, tree and various other crops, as well as to breed, raise and tend animals and to produce a variety of animal husbandry products, for sale or delivery to wholesale buyers, marketing organizations or at markets.

Tasks statement
Tasks performed usually include:

  • monitoring market activity, planning and coordinating production accordingly, monitoring market activity and conditions, determining kinds and amounts of crops to be grown and animals to be raised, and planning and coordinating production accordingly;
  • purchasing seeds, fertilizer, and other supplies; performing operations such as land preparation, sowing, planting, cultivating and harvesting crops;
  • producing or buying fodder and other food supplies;
  • breeding, raising and tending animals;
  • killing and skinning animals, and preparing animals or animal products for market;
  • renting or investing in and maintaining and cleaning farm buildings, machinery, equipment, and structures;
  • storing and carrying out some processing of produce;
  • promoting and marketing products, arranging the sale, purchase and transportation of livestock, produce and supplies and maintaining and evaluating records of farm activities and transactions;
  • training and supervising workers in animal care procedures, maintenance duties, and health and safety precautions and hiring and discharging workers and contractors.

(NCvB; April 2010)